Last week, Jeremy Borden wrote about tensions within the Durham People’s Alliance, a progressive PAC that has held influence in the city’s politics since the 1970s.

The story delves into fractions between the groups old guard and a newer slate of progressive candidates entering the fold.Here’s the feedback we got from our readers:

“It’s not exclusively a white issue with the idea of progression in the city,” writes CHARLES KELLEY of Durham. “There are blacks and gays willing to undermine their own cause in order to gain privilege into these types of organizations. I’m a gay black male and I’ve experienced this type of push back from whites, blacks and gays alike.”

“Money is a pretty powerful persuader and I think most people would be shocked at what even they themselves would do to have a piece of that type of privilege. A lot of us would like to think that we are better than that but the only way you will truly know is if you’re put to the test to see how far you would actually go to be in a position of power and privilege. I’m not condoning the actions of this organization but I am saying we all need to dig deeper to find answers and solutions that seem straight forward but may create issues that we’re too short sighted to see.”

Other expressed their disappointment in the group.

“Breaks my heart,” writes Twitter user TODD CUDDINGTON. “Durham is progressive, and needs to go further. I thought better of DPA. The contribution part is damning too.”

“An absolute circle-jerk going on here!” says Facebook user JENCY MARKHAM.

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