Last week, writer Thomasi McDonald wrote about the efforts of Duke University Press employees to form a workers union. We heard from some DUP employees who oppose forming the union to tell us we didn’t have the other side of the story (see today’s Letter to the Editor). And some of our readers aren’t convinced that the DUP workers who want a union have exhausted all of their other options yet. 

“Unions are often a way for workers to put collective pressure on employers to address unfair and unsafe practices,” wrote Facebook commenter Parker Spartan. “In this article, all I saw was someone getting paid $43,000 wanting more money? Is there more to the story? Has Duke done anything to prevent these employees from applying for higher paying jobs elsewhere? Leaving for a higher paying job is the best way to pressure your employer into raising salaries to retain their workforce.”

Also last week, writer Lena Geller wrote about local restaurants’ growing shift away from tipping and asks if a fairer system is on the way. 

Facebook commenter Marty Sullivan shared this anecdote: 

“We lived in Germany in the late 70s. Tips, or whatever you want to call them, was built into the price of your meal selections. There was no “mandatory” tipping to help the wait staff make minimum wage. Of course most people would leave small tips, just say thanks for the service, but it was not expected. Once when a friend over tipped by mistake, the server came back to the table and returned the money!”

Finally, for the web, writer Leigh Tauss covered the Wake County school board meeting in which members voted to require masks in schools for the upcoming semester. 

Facebook commenter Jodi Mitchell called the requirement “Child abuse!”

“Imagine being so naive that you believe that having a child wear a cloth face covering is child abuse, maybe spend some time helping children recover from the trauma of actual abuse instead of shouting from your keyboard,” wrote Facebook commenter Tiffany Hines in response.

“Until the kids can be vaccinated, this is the safest approach even though it is less than perfect,” wrote Facebook commenter Chris Howell

Commenter Phyllis Lindsey wrote simply, “Thank God.”

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