I am writing in response to the letter from James Tate concerning the article about the 9/11 presentation I gave at the Durham Public Library (“Indy needs a straitjacket,” Back Talk, Aug. 9). Since Mr. Tate seems obsessed with calling us crazy, I wanted to pose a question to him: What is so crazy about asking very real questions that have never been answered about the worst tragedy to ever befall our country? To not demand answers, to sit by quietly while we are spoon-fed lies, shows cowardice and a desire to hide from reality.

All I ask of people is they do some research and look at the staggering number of inconsistencies and outright lies that make up the official story. I want people to decide for themselves if what we’ve been told happened on that day meshes with evidence they can see with their own eyes. The truth is out there; we just have to be willing to see it. Choosing to see something that we perhaps don’t want to believe is one of the hardest choices a person has to make. However, I truly believe the truth shall set us free.

Rebecca Cerese