Kudos for Ann Ross

It was with a great deal of interest that I have just finished reading the recent article (“Flesh and bone” Sept. 3). While on the staff of N.C. State University a few years ago, I was a member of the design team that was tasked with the extensive renovation of the building that would ultimately house the laboratory of Ann Ross.

At the time, the forensic anthropology program was in the early stages of its development and in need of satisfactory space in which to adequately perform its growing expectations.

During the course of the design and construction of the building’s spaces, I and other members of the design and construction team met frequently with Dr. Ross to confirm that the expectations for her lab were being met. All of us found her to be professional, engaging, and an absolutely delightful individual with whom to work. Thank you to John Tucker for his excellent article that has now brought to light for some, but reminded others of us, of the considerable talents of Ann Ross and the work she is doing at N.C. State.

Sammy Sams, Raleigh

Thanks to Thomas Crowder

Bob Geary puts into words what I cannot (“Thomas Crowder’s legacy,” Sept. 3). The great thing is, I was in many of these battles along with Thomas. Fighting the good fight for Raleigh. What it is today, and what it will be tomorrow. I fully support having Kay Crowder take on the duties at City Council for District D if that time comes. Thank you Thomas, for all your hard work for my neighborhood, District D and Raleigh.

Jason Hibbets, Raleigh