Men have thoughts about things this week!  

Let’s begin with Ron Tanciar of Wake Forest, who begins by saying the chat-line and gentlemen’s club ads in the back of this newspaper make us hypocrites, then takes a fun detour into how NFL shouldn’t let women be announcers. We’re going to publish this one exactly as it came in: “Your tabloid newspaper is so liberal why would you allow the exploitation of women in your newspaper? (see attached ad’s I cut out of your paper) It’s discussing!

“To see and hear all the liberal progressive women complain about equality, woman power, we are better than men, we are more then sex objects & ETC. and then I pick-up your newspaper only to see how women are selling their bodies at these so called Men’s Club is just unconscionable. 

“Then we have women who come out 25, 30 or 40 years later to complaint about some sexual attack or encounter they had with some man. If you noticed, most of the men have money $$$. 

“The liberal progressive woman can NOT have it both ways. Prancing around nude and then they wonder why men want a sexual encounter with them. Please!

“For me, you tell all the damn secular liberal progressive women to go suck eggs. I’m sick of listening to their crap. Please, I have to listen to women who interview NFL football players. Hell, it’s a man’s sport and I want to listen to a manly man interview a NFL football player. 

“Woman power my ass. Amen.”

Elsewhere on the dude front this week, Allison Hussey first broke the news that Louis C.K.—who we learned in 2017 was a serial sexual harasser—was bringing his comeback effort to a brand-new club in Raleigh, then went to see his show and found it exceedingly boring. Men had feelings about that! 

Take Kyle, who seems nice: “To put it nicely, stand-up comedy isn’t meant for you. These are the kinds of articles that hurt your credibility. You don’t like him. You could’ve illustrated that with much less. You played too many cards. It comes off as an emotion-fueled temper tantrum begging for support. Put your torch down. Take a deep breath. And go fuck yourself.”

Or Brian: “Louis C.K. isn’t ‘being forgotten,’ which is what motivated this obnoxiously obvious and crude attempt to smear him. His fans are clamoring to find him wherever they can, despite weird, self-important virtue-signaling pseudo-heroes like the author of this amateurish hit piece. Exactly how INDY Week can justify hiring useless slime to jump on the ‘Smear Louis C.K.’ dogpile in a desperate and crude attempt to pass it off as ‘journalism’ should shock more of its readership than it is.”

Or Rocco: “Could the author be any more holier than thou? This was seriously the worst thing I’ve read in years, and I read college applications for a science school. The best part is that she paid to go see a comedian she hates just so she could write it, even though she clearly didn’t need to go to the show to write such boring, predictable drivel. We get it. You’re better than Louie C.K. You’re better than everyone else who went to his show, and you’re better than us. Sounds like you listen to way better music than all of us too. Was that album specifically intended for people with no sense of humor whose favorite pastime is virtue-signaling? Seriously, get a life.”

Ric, meanwhile, believes that feminism is “an injustice to actual victims of sexual abuse.” Again, everything sic: “When you cry assault at even the thought of a guy asking permission to masterbate in from of a woman and then not doing it when not given permission—you do a huge injustice to women and girls that have actually been assaulted by monsters. Feminism used to be a good cause (and true feminism still is) but unreasonable extremists like you have perverted the word feminism and have done more harm than good. Also you’re turning straight men into this weird 3rd gender that will not longer open doors for women (to say the least).”

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