Tom Tomorrow should say he’s sorry

I just so happened to stop and read the This Modern World comic titled “They tried to warn us” (Nov. 26). I found this to be offensive, especially in the last block with President-elect Barack Obama and his wife discussing where to hang their picture of Bin Laden and tossing another American flag on the fire. This is just as bad as the cover of The New Yorker that had him in traditional Arab clothing.

Although I am not Muslim, the block about him declaring the United States a socialist Muslim dictatorship I’m sure is very offensive to the Muslim population that reads your paper. I have been reading the Independent for years and look forward to the issues every week. After reading this comic, it makes me question the judgment of this paper. You guys, along with other local papers, supported Obama during the election and to now allow a comic to run that basically is saying he’s a Muslim and supports terrorists is appalling. I hope in the future the comics will be less offensive especially about a topic that is so sensitive to many.

Tom Tomorrow should not be allowed to display his comics in your paper; apparently he has some issues with Obama that he should express on his personal time, not to your loyal Independent readers. A retraction of the comic or an apology is needed from Tom Tomorrow as well as the Independent to the community.

Tunisia O. Muhammed

Kudos for hoops preview

You have the best preview on the ACC basketball season, bar none. Those chumps at the “big” papers have nothing on you guys. Print media lives in the analysis of sports, politics, news, etc. Good job!

Paul Winborne