The June 28 edition of the Indy included another Patrick O’Neill article that glorified persons who engage in illegal acts (trespassing, resisting arrest?) while they protest capital punishment (“Judge praises, convicts, execution protesters,” Triangles). That was exactly what the protesters wanted. Instead of rewarding these lawbreakers (i.e., printing their names, publishing their statements), readers should be presented with more meaningful (and positive) means to encourage constructive change.

Shame on the Indy! What a waste of newsprint!

Readers were left with another one-sided story, essentially a promotion of O’Neill’s own views (a column instead of an article or “real news”?). Are divinity students and death penalty activists allowing their Bibles or scripture to substitute for brains? Attacking or disrespecting prison staff or crossing lines (or promoting those who do this) indicates just how narrow-minded (and short-sighted) these individuals are.

The activists’ energies and determination are admirable even when judges disagree/sentence/convict. If such persons spent even half of the time they’ve already “wasted” attacking sentences (or capital punishment) in courtrooms and taking up space in local jails and instead promoted policies that prevented violent crimes that lead to capital murders, other persons might take them more seriously. More importantly, less innocent persons might be victimized by the predators that these death penalty foes try to protect.

The only thing these “activists” accomplished was protest (not change). The Indy doesn’t “get it”! The Indy praises thugs!

Hopefully, readers know better.

Wayne Uber

Chapel Hill