This is in response to the Indy‘s vote of CNN’s Nancy Grace as the “Wicked Witch of the East … Campus” (Best of the Triangle, June 14).

For the record, Nancy Grace enrolled in law school after her fiance was murdered. She is an advocate of women’s rights, particularly battered women, and victims’ rights in general.

That said, I have lived in the South my entire life and in the Triangle for a little over a year. I love Durham and Chapel Hill and I’m proud to be a resident of the community. However, directing anger toward Nancy Grace after she “bashed” Durham is not only unfair, but does not say much for those who want to see at least a little justice served in regard to the Duke lacrosse fiasco. It’s not fair that all of Durham is given a “bad name” due to those players’ actions, but let us not forget that we as a community should be rallying around the woman whose well-being was compromised, not around players who are suspected of committing such violent and hateful crimes. The athletic department stalled on providing information. Whether or not that means the students are guilty makes no difference; there are a lot of loopholes and Grace simply felt the need to point them out.

Criticize the athletic department or team, if you must–not someone stating the facts about a case that is still a target of media attention.

Allie Howie