Headline reads, “IBM reportedly planning to move Triangle jobs overseas.” So, let’s objectively add this up.

First: Companies build factories (sweatshops) overseas to increase profits. Domestic consumers (the biggest consumers being the highest-paid workers) win in lower prices. Overseas workers lose in poor working conditions and low wages.

Next: Companies send high-paying jobs overseas (where comparable salaries are lower) to increase profits. Domestic workers lose high-paying jobs (and can consume less).

Overseas workers win in better jobs and relatively better wages.

The exodus of blue-collar factory jobs has paved the wave for a sea of white-collar jobs to follow. Perhaps domestic consumers and workers should have acted more conscientiously and protested more loudly before 2 for 1 at Wal-Mart became 1 for 2 in tech workers’ unemployment checks.

Or, perhaps it is the great balancing act of a master mathematician.