The Airport Action Group, a citizens’ organization that opposes the proposed Orange County airport, has asked UNC President Erskine Bowles for more transparency in future discussions about the airport.

“The citizens of Orange County deserve at least as much access to the process as a national pilots association and special business interests. North Carolina citizens have the right to a process that is transparent and adheres to the fundamental governing principles of our democracy,” the letter reads. The entire letter to Bowles is here. letter-to-bowles

Bowles’ response is below, taken from an email sent to Mark Marcoplos of the Airport Action Group.

Mark — I am copying my assistant on this and asking her to please remind me to notify you if they ever request a meeting . Hopefully that way we won’t forget . But I have absolutely nothing to hide and no reason not to be transparent. Now back to the work of the 15 other campuses and problems associated with adequate funding in this terrible economy.” Erskine

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