Waffle House, the all-day-every-day Georgia restaurant chain, is one of the top places to eat breakfast food while trying not to think too hard about what life must be like for the children at the next table being screamed at by their tweaker mom.

In recent years, Waffle House has been making a push to expand near college campuses. It’s going for something younger, cuter, and cuddlier. Since 2013, there’s been a location on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Now, it looks like Duke students will have quick access to twenty-four-hour hashbrowns. The Triangle Business Journal reports that Waffle House has filed a site plan to take over the space formerly occupied by Charlie’s Pub & Grille, at 758 Ninth Street in Durham.

Charlie’s, a sports bar opened in 2001, closed last year. TBJ notes that “Waffle House also has five other restaurant locations in Durham, including one at 3500 Hillsborough Road that’s less than two miles from the proposed Ninth Street location.” Ninth Street has been trending toward chains in recent years—Panera, Harris Teeter—and this is evidently the next stop along the way.

No word yet on the opening date.