Bonner Gaylord, the incumbent Raleigh City Council member in District E, is holding a fundraiser Tuesday at the home of former News & Observer publisher Frank Daniels Jr. and his wife,

community leader

Julia Jones Daniels.

With a top ticket of $5,000, the event targets the same level of giving as that at a July 30 event supporting at-large candidate Stacy Miller. During the first round of disclosures for the October 10 Raleigh election, Gaylord’s campaign had raised more than $137,000 and had more than $160,000 in cash on hand.

“With the election coming up in five weeks, I’m asking for your help again, to invest in my race so that we are successful in continuing to improve Raleigh for all,” Gaylord, a two-term incumbent and the leading fundraiser in this election cycle, said in an email to followers.

Both Daniels


long been prominent in the city’s political, social, and philanthropic circles. They were jointly inducted into the Raleigh Hall of Fame in 2008.

Gaylord’s challengers in the District E race are Stefanie Mendel and Derek Walker. Mendel had raised $943.80 in the first round of disclosures. Walker stated when he signed up to run that he would raise less than a thousand dollars.

At-large candidate Russ Stephenson held an August 31 fundraiser at the Oakwood home of Ann Robertson and Hans Linnartz. The maximum requested donation was $1,000, a level that allowed the giver to be considered a “host.”

A $5,000 donation to Gaylord at Tuesday’s event earns the donor the title “patron.”