cats losin they minds like it’s the end times;
america eats its youth, media be enzymes;
breakin you down till you soft an pliable;
diversify your sources–just one, is un-reliable;
it’s undeniable, the war whore wants more poor;
deaf, dumb an blind, sign the dotted line, like, “yeah, sure”;
“take our daughters an sons,” but i’ll be damn if they
gon send mines; insteada pasttimes, i blast rhymes;
they stole it again, but it was slicker than last time;
DIEbold uploadin chads on land lines;
troops, we hold these truths to be self-evident;
feelin old school, so Impeach The President;
is the beat i’m requestin for this session of x-pression;
PUMP ya fist if you still pissed about the election;
some people peacefully protesting the direction;
others wanna lick a shot at the country’s midsection;
yo, i don’t know, so I flow with discretion;
but it’s either the next election, secession or insurrection;–my suggestion–get ready for all of the above;
cuz the people need options when push comes to shove;
…Vote or Die. nice try, but, oh well;
created a groundswell, and we STILL caught an ‘L’?
we need to EXcel like spreadsheets over dead peeps;
sprawled out on innercity streets each week;
cuz it’s bleak like that, i speak like that;
out of necessity. i’m tired of the pres he be stressin me;
so what’s the recipe? what’s the remedy? this Body
is cancerous. we need to amputate the extremities;
you been laid off, evicted, cut off from food stamps?
get at me. and by the way, welcome to boot camp

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