Miller’s statement:

After much consideration, I have decided not to run for Governor.

As a former state legislator and a citizen, I care deeply about the issues that North Carolina faces as a state.

My mother struggled as a widowed bookkeeper to make sure I had the opportunity for an education that was denied her and my father. We need a Governor who will fight the efforts of Republicans in the legislature to close those doors of opportunity by their assault on public education.

But the issues I have worked on in Congress for a decade are the injustice and dysfunction in our nation’s economy. The financial crisis was not the result of a “perfect storm” of unforeseeable economic events, but of blameworthy conduct, of what Franklin Roosevelt called “heedless greed,” for which there has been too little accountability.

Although my term in Congress expires at the end of the year, I believe I will have other opportunities to continue work on those issues.

I have been an energetic and determined candidate in the past. Although my determination to hold elective office appears now to be in remission, I may seek elective office again. And I will certainly support other energetic and determined candidates for office.

Other opportunities? Stay tuned … might be something cool in his future.