A day in the life of Raleigh’s Cameron Park neighborhood, as told by the e-mails on our listserv, in the order I received them:

1. Long-haired white cat with black tail & large black spots, green eyes. Very friendly. Has been meowing pitifully & trying to get into our house since yesterday. Please claim him or her as our dog is not happy about our new friend and the cat is not happy on the deck looking in. –Jan K.

2. In addition to being very sweet, the cat is also a good Democrat, because last night he attended our fund-raiser for Congressman Brad Miller and stayed for quite a long time. …–M. Forbes

3. Same feline has attempted to adopt our children and is adept at stealth moves into the house while one is unloading groceries and kids into house … please someone claim this one … our own housecat is quite perturbed at the situation –pickle

4. Does the cat fit this Lost ad in the N&O? “LOST FEMALE Cat. Medium to long hair. White w/ big blk spots. Blk circle under chin, blk tail, yellow eyes. Avent Ferry Rd area. 427-xxxx; 833-xxxx.” –Marianne W.

5. The one that visited us this morning at 1609 Park fits that description. –Al A.

5. Have you checked the N&O Lost & Found section? A couple of years ago, we had a similar situation with an orange kitty. When we looked online at the lost and found section, we were very grateful to find an ad from the owner looking for her lost cat. It was a happy reunion. The cat had strayed over a half mile from home by the time he showed up on our doorstep. Thanks. –Jeff G.

6. Never mind … –Jeff G.

7. Thanks to Marianne; I have just left a voicemail on both the numbers listed in the N&O ad re numerous sightings of the cat and the streets where he/she has been in the last 24 hours or so. … — M. Forbes

8. Through our emails, car phones and Marianne’s thought to look at the lost and found ads, the owner called on his car phone. I directed him through the alleys where the sightings have been, he called for “Bug” and there has been a wonderful reunion. –M. Forbes

9. Dear Cameron Park residents: This is a heartfelt thank you for getting our cat, Bug, home. Bug acquired us almost two years ago. She was found under the house pregnant, beat up by a car with the bone at the tip of her tail exposed requiring amputation. We got her to the vet for an exam and shots hoping to adopt her out, but after $300.00 dollars and learning all of the above she had found a new home. She has been bruised and battered by a dog, lost for almost four weeks a year ago Saturday. That time she was almost three miles away across interstate 40.

She lives by Lake Johnson surrounded by woods and a trail. I am beginning to think that she was picked up by a visitor or her curiosity about the thing that “bit her in the butt” is giving her free rides to other parts of town. She will ride well uncrated in the car.

She rubbed all over me today when I got to her and was so tired she took a nap on the couch beside me while I watched the news for an hour and a half. That is not on her agenda at that time of day. I hope she will sleep well tonight because she sure needs to get up tomorrow and bathe herself, she is filthy!

We always felt she was alive because she is such a survivor and knew that if she could find a good soul that she would make her way back. Who would have thought she would have found so many good and kind hearted people. Thank you all so much. I can’t begin to describe how special she is to us but those of you who own pets do know.

You guys in Cameron Park are the greatest!!! Sincerely, Lisa Lewis & Ben Hale