A Wake County voter has filed a complaint with the state board of elections regarding District A Cary Town Councilwoman Jennifer Robinson‘s campaign finance reports. Read the complaint here:

In his complaint, Van W. Kloempken formerly of DavisHighHouse.org , a citizens’ group supporting Lori Bush, Robinson’s challenger, raises questions about Robinson’s seemingly feeble campaign finances–feeble, , until after the mandatory reporting period passes.

He uses the 2005 campaign as an example, when she reported that she received just $295 during the election cycle as of Sept. 1.Then after the mandatory reporting period, she raised more than $16,000. Kloempken alleges Robinson, a Republican, either accepted donations and held them until after the reporting deadline passed or her backers were told to wait until after the deadline to write checks. He contends that the delay helped Robinson, in that it kept the public from knowing her who backers are.

In an interview with the Indy, Robinson vigorously denied withholding financial information until after the reporting period. “To say they were held or manipulated to deceive people is completely false,” Robinson said. “The way I run my campaign is I raise only what I need. I determine what my expenses are and I shoot out an e-mail saying, ‘I have these expenses to pay.’”

As for her contributions from developers, Robinson said, “No contribution would influence me to make a decision.”

In this election, Robinson reported raising $1,450 as of Sept. 1. Her latest report is online on the Indy’s election page.