This will not go over well with the Wake County Taxpayers’ Association.

North Raleigh resident and City Council District B candidate David Cox says provisions related to gas stations in a proposed text change to the city’s development code will harm neighborhoods.

And the city should re-evaluate whether a new gas station is really needed on a given site by looking at traffic volumes, existing gas stations and “other measurable parameters,” because who disagrees that gas stations are super-ugly, loud and we don’t need more of them?

And they certainly don’t promote walk-ability, which is what we all want now, right?

On his website,, Cox argues that the text change allowing gas stations with up to eight pumps, tall, brightly-lit canopies, vacuums and compression machines located just 50 feet from peoples’ homes does not protect neighborhoods.

Sure, all vacuuming, fuel sales and car washing would be limited to the hours between 6a.m. and 11p.m., or they can’t exceed a noise level of 55 decibels.

But, Cox says, “the prospect of someone vacuuming their car just before 11PM or at 6AM just 50 feet from someone’s property is ridiculous.”

Not to mention, there are no restrictions on when compression machines may be used, so you can pump up your tires all night long if you’re so inclined. And, if you get hungry, hit up that 24-hour Sheetz convenience store for a snack; it does not ever have to close.

And, if the gas station is playing loud music outside, just party on because you’re free to dance all night.

Come on, Raleigh Planning. Let’s get something right.