Eric Wallen is the singer/guitarist for the shimmering, thundering, dream pop act My Dear Ella. Their sound combines a rich melodic thrum with bright psychedelic swirls of guitar. (

1. Ride the Lightning–Metallica: “I learned to play the guitar by listening to Metallica’s first three records. These are my roots.”

2. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea–Neutral Milk Hotel: “I’m not sure whether this album broke my heart or mended it. Either way, it’s coming with me.”

3. Revolver–The Beatles: “Has been mentioned in this column already, but ‘And Your Bird Can Sing’ is unbelievable and one of my favorite Beatles songs. I wouldn’t do without it.”

4. Best of–Leonard Cohen: “Since I’ll be all alone on the island, I figure I should go all the way into the loneliness.”

5. Too Fast For Love–Motley Crue: “When the time comes to smash coconuts, spear fish or just thrash about the island in sheer madness, this would be my soundtrack, and dear friends, when the cold salty depths claim my sun-shriveled body, my anonymous epitaph, ‘Frankie died just the other night.’”

My Dear Ella play The Cave on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 11 and 12.