Emergency responders have not found any chemicals after a man said there was anthrax in his car, shutting down a stretch of Guess Road for several hours today.

“A landlord called 911 and said that his tenant had told him he had anthrax in his car and it might blow up. Officers shut down Guess Road between Carver Street and Peppertree Street and evacuated three homes as a precaution while they investigated,” the Durham Police Department said in a statement.

The road has been closed since about twelve thirty; at about six thirty, the DPD said it would reopen Guess Road soon.

“The Durham Police Department’s Bio-Chemical Emergency Response Team (B-CERT) and the Durham County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Unit searched the area and did not find any chemicals,” the statement said. “The investigation is ongoing at this time and Guess Road remains closed.”

No charges have been filed, but police are “speaking with several people,” the statement says.