(6/2 Update: Fetzer wants his day in court.)

From TomFetzer.com, the latest on former Raleigh Mayor Tom Fetzer’s campaign for state Republican party chair:

Members of the Fetzer for NCGOP Chairman Steering Committee fought back against the baseless smear campaign which alleges that Tom Fetzer is gay. ‘The dirty tricksters are out in full force to run down a good man’s reputation,” said former Congressman Bill Cobey. ‘It offends me that people would spread lies about Tom. I have known Tom for over 25 years and I know him to be an honest, moral person.”

Former State Senator Fred Smith echoed Cobey’s sentiments. ‘Our Party has an opportunity to elect a strong leader who has all the skills to lead us to victory. With the future of our Party on the line, we cannot be distracted by outrageous lies and petty personal attacks. I am more committed than ever to helping elect Tom Fetzer as our State Chairman.”

Richard Vinroot, former Mayor of Charlotte, decried the cowardice of those responsible for authoring the libelous letter about Fetzer. ‘It takes guts to stand up and run for a Party leadership post – a heck of a lot more guts than it takes to anonymously write lies about someone. Tom Fetzer is a man of true character, he is my friend, and I am confident he will be one of the best State Chairmen to have ever led our Party.”

The Fetzer Campaign continues to build momentum at the race enters its final weeks. ‘As I travel across North Carolina, I consistently hear that our grassroots activists want a leader who will stand up and fight the Liberals. As your State Chairman, our Party will raise the money we need to compete with the Democrats, we will out-organize them and we will unabashedly stand up for our conservative values. This is the winning formula for electoral success – and when I’m Chairman, we will make that success a reality,” Fetzer said.