The weather is cool (well, cooler), it’s First Friday and there’s a new addition to the First Friday Gallery Walk in DT Raleigh. The Visual Art Exchange isn’t a new organization, but its splendid gallery space in the Warehouse District — at 309 West Morgan Street — is brand-new as of last night. It’s located a block down from the new Contemporary Art Museum, close to designbox, next door to the 311 Galleries, and very near the Flanders Gallery, to name just a few of the __ art galleries downtown.

Yes, that’s a question: How many art galleries are there in downtown Raleigh? The real answer is unknowable. I do know how many are listed by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, which keeps track of the major outfits. For the DRA’s count, click here.

Oh, and it’s still Raleigh Beer Week. The stated objective: Prove Raleigh is America’s Smartest Beer Drinking City. Sure, why not.