The N.C. GOP’s Fourth Congressional District Executive Committee has distanced itself from Republican congressional candidate George Hutchins, whose dubious racial views threaten to damage the party. The committee forwarded the Indy a press release from last fall in which the party urges him not to run for the nomination for the district. Read it here: 4thdistrictgopstatespositionongeorgehutchins

However, Hutchins apparently ignored the party’s pleas: He is among four Republicans running, in hopes of dethroning longtime incumbent and Democrat U.S. Rep. David Price in November.

B.J. Lawson, Frank Roche and David Burnett are also seeking the GOP nomination.

The Indy reported on the candidates this week, noting Hutchins’ extremist views, including connections with the National Independents Movement. N.I.M. was founded in Germany and on its website states it supports “research into the traditions and history of our northwest European heritage”which could be considered code for white supremacism.

His campaign website features photos of him taken with former U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole. He claims to have worked on her campaign and that of Republican gubernatorial candidate Fred Smith.