Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass Kickin’ Team

The Pour HouseIt took Terry Anderson 44 years to get a proper birthday party. It’s not that Andersonsinger/ songwriter/ drummer, veteran of the Fabulous Knobs and The Woods, and captain of the Olympic Ass Kickin’ Team for the last decadedidn’t have an abundance of family and friends ready and willing to celebrate his birth. It’s just that his birthday is Dec. 25, and folks tend to, you know, have other plans. So nine years ago, Anderson finally scheduled his own party, held in the beer-soaked confines of The Brewery in Raleigh and filled with tunes. It was a smashing success. Those other plans, it seems, often clear up by nightfall.

The second year, in honor of his 45th birthday, he handed out cans of Colt 45 to those who answered painfully easy questions or to anyone who just looked thirsty. Two years ago, the gathering was bittersweet, coming in the wake of the passing of David Enloe, Anderson’s cohort in the Knobs and Woods. Enloe, like Anderson, was born on Christmas Day 1956, and a variety of local artists paid tribute by singing one of David’s songs.

This year Anderson is preparing for the ninth such shindig, now headquartered at The Pour House. “It may just be us playing everything we know,” Anderson says. “Three hours of nonstop fun.” In other words, three hours of what’ll sound like Dave Edmunds jamming with The Faces, albeit with a decidedly Southern accent. $8 gets you an invite to the party, which starts at 9 p.m. Visit www.the-pour-house.com. Rick Cornell