Pin Projekt
Broad Street CafeNow in its fourth year, the Pin Projekt raises funds for Durham’s Troika Music Festival (slated for Nov. 6-8 this year) by auctioning off retired bowling pins that have been gussied up by local artists. Onion Head Monster illustrator Paul Friedrich; musicians Beth Tacular (Bowerbirds), Catherine Edgerton (Midtown Dickens) and Maria Albani (Pleasant); and the area’s poster eliteChris Williams, Matt Hart and Rob Libertiare among those that take to the pins this year. A solid lineup of live music includes kitchen-sink indie rock from Sweater Weather, Pox Family Singers, Pox pop-rocker Nathan Oliver and Charlotte singer/ songwriter Dylan Gilbert. Pay $5 for the 8 p.m. event. Spencer Griffith

Hidden Voices Benefit
The ArtsCenterHidden Voices ignites and strengthens community discussion through stories from people who are not often heard. At tonight’s benefit, there will be a special preview of its next project, Speaking Without Tongues, which introduces the stories of women of ethnic backgrounds who have encountered violence and survived. Local authors Clyde Edgerton and Allan Gurganus perform: Edgerton will play guitar and read from his work; Gurganus will read a new fairy tale. Other noteworthy performers will also attend, presenting belly dancing, poetry, writing and jazz. Visit www.artscenterlive.org or call 929-2787 more info. Megan Stein

Gregory Frost and John Kessel
McIntyre’s Fine BooksTwo science fiction authors are better than oneat least, that’s what McIntyre’s programmers believe. At 2 p.m., visitors can experience a dual signing featuring Gregory Frost, author of the acclaimed fantasy Shadowbridge, and NCSU’s John Kessel, promoting his new short story collection The Baum Plan for Financial Independence and Other Stories. The two authors write in dramatically different stylesFrost’s work is an elaborate fantasy in a world full of chaos, magic and supernatural creatures, while Kessel deals more with satirical, often dark works that draw equally from classic literature and the ugly side of human behavior. For SF and fantasy fans, this signing offers a little something for everyone. Call McIntyre’s at 542-3030 for details. Zack Smith

ArtspacePoets and performers can spend five minutes in the hot seat at the bimonthly STAMMER! event at Artspace. Hosted by Mz*Julee, STAMMER! features both open-mic performances and scheduled appearances by a wide variety of spoken word and poetry performers, along with featured films, musicians and performance art. The event promises to be “an evening of prophetic performance poetry.” Tickets are $5 ($4 students). Doors open at 8 p.m. For info, visit www.artspacenc.org/stammer.html. Zack Smith

Carolina’s Funniest Comic
DSI Comedy TheaterMitch Hedberg could make audiences laugh in one line, Andy Kaufman by standing in silence, David Cross does it with stories. The approach to stand-up comedy is varied, and now the people of the Triangle have a chance to test theirs. Carolina’s Funniest Comic, a five-week stand-up comedy competition sponsored by DSI, begins tonight. Thirty-two comics compete for the win. Tonight’s show features 16 comics, who each have five minutes to convince the audience they should advance to the next round. Winners of the final round, on June 13, could win cash prizes of up to $800. Shows begin at 7:30 p.m. Visit www.dsicomedytheater.com or call 338-8150 for more info. Megan Stein