Baby Face

N.C. Museum of Art–Some of the sexiest, naughtiest movies ever made were produced in Hollywood in the magical time Before the Code. In Baby Face, produced in 1933, Barbara Stanwyck plays a prostitute who sleeps her way to the top of a large corporation, floor by floor. Among her many suitors are George Brent and John Wayne. Tonight’s showing is a 35mm print for $5 at 8 p.m. For more, see –David Fellerath

Microphone Madness

The Berkeley Cafe–The usual suspects-plus dominate this local hip-hop bill, another celebration thrown by Pauly Snubnoze and Travis Cockpit Keyes at the Berkeley. Get prepared for 16 emcees to spit to and fro in battle, and look for WKNC mainstay DJ Rez on the wheels all night long. Jozeemo marks his onstage return to the 21st Records crew just one week after 22 months in federal prison, so everyone should be able to sense–hear, even–the buzz. Be there at 10 p.m. –Grayson Currin