The frosty fingers of Lady Winter have been toying with us long enough, and it won’t be long before a real chill sets in the Piedmont climes as autumn gives way. That’s where the Pre-Turkey Day Jam benefit for Helping Hand Mission comes in: Mrs. Sylvia Wiggin started the mission in 1972 after a homeless man in Durham froze to death, hoping to help anyone in need–from the economically destitute to those who had lost property to fire. And in 2005, that still takes money. That’s where the musicians come in: Blues-folk lineman Jon Shain brings his pals to this four-band bill, which includes the Sinatra/Newman-inflected austerity of The Old Ceremony headlining, the blues virtuosity of Armand Lenchek and Danny Gotham, and the bearded bluegrass power of openers the Cadillac Stepbacks. The show is Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 8 p.m. at the Cat’s Cradle, and proceeds from $10 ticket sales go directly to Helping Hand Mission.