Kenn Gardner finally answered questions yesterday about his work as architect-designer for the Triangle Aquatics Center in Cary and his opposition (but now he says it wasn’t really opposition) to a rival Cary Aquatic Center. He talked to the N&O‘s Michael Biesecker; doesn’t sound like Biesecker was persuaded that Gardner had no conflict of interest when he pursued public grants for the TAC. And why did Gardner mislead the public about his deal with TAC? He said in public he had “not beeen paid a dime” and was “donating” his services while knocking the Cary project. Turned out he expected to be paid, and was paid $244,355 by TAC. Not a lot of money, actually, given the scope of the TAC project. But not nothing either, Commissioner.

Note to N&O: Ask Gardner for a new photo, eh?