Pam’s House Blend has a must-read on the case of the man who brutally attacked and killed 20-year old Sean Kennedy in Greenville, SC less than two years ago. Kennedy’s killer was allowed to plead to involuntary manslaughter; with time served in a county jail prior to sentencing, he’s eligible for parole after just eight months in a state prison. (See Steven Petrow’s Indy column on Kennedy’s murder last June.)

Sean’s mother, Elke Kennedy, spoke at an NC Pride event last fall — Pam Spaulding’s video recording of her talk is absolutely worth your five minutes (scroll down a bit).

After Sean’s death his mother Elke Kennedy founded Sean’s Last Wish, and she has toured the nation to recount the tragic murder and to educate people about the need for federal hate crimes legislation.

Elke Kennedy is asking people to write the SC Parole Board in Columbia to urge that Stephen Andrew Moller, the killer, be required to serve his full sentence of five years, suspended to three. Details in Pam’s blog entry.