NOAAs measuring the shockwaves
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • NOAA’s measuring the shockwaves

I know I’m feeling it. The earth is rumbling, my friend. I can sense the tremors, but it’s not an earthquake. No, it’s that groundswell of political support that comes with a politician at campaign season … and the ground is swelling at the same time for so many Democratic candidates for so many offices that the cumulative impact is literally nerve-jangling.

Just today, I learned there’s a groundswell of support for Hampton Dellinger to run again for lieutenant governor. The Indy endorsed him in the ’08 Lt. Gov. primary; he ran second to current Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton. Dalton is, of course, running for governor, having come through the crack in the earth caused by Bev. Perdue’s withdrawal.

You can read about the DraftHampton movement here: DraftHampton.pdf

You’ll be forgiven if you’ve confused it with the groundswell of support for Ken Lewis to run for lieutenant governor.

They’re both lawyers from Durham.

Linda Coleman, not a lawyer from Durham, is also generating a groundswell for lieutenant governor, or so I hear. She’s a former Wake County Commissioner and a former member of the State House of Representatives.

Speaking of the House, Keith Karlsson felt the groundswell before he announced his candidacy for a House seat from District 49.

That’s not to be confused with District 38, where (so far) the earth’s been moved for Abeni El-Amin and Lee Sartain. Lindy Brown, for whom a groundswell was also reported, was running in District 38 before either of them. (Corrected as to the district number.)

And the ground is still shaking in House District 11, where Duane Hall’s groundswell of support (Chris Corchiani!) caused him to get in the race.

Who am I missing?