From the Hagan campaign:

GREENSBORO, NC- Kay Hagan filed a lawsuit against Elizabeth Dole and the Elizabeth Dole Committee, Inc., after Dole declined to remove her new television ad, described by North Carolina newspapers as “indecent,” a “gross misrepresentation,” “dishonest,” and “beyond the bounds of acceptable political disagreement.”

See the legal papers here: hagan-vs-dole

“Like her time in the U.S. Senate, Elizabeth Dole has made her choices here, and that’s her decision,” said Hagan Campaign Communications Director Colleen Flanagan said. “But it’s equally our decision not to allow someone to slander Kay Hagan, impugn her character, her convictions and her faith, without any consequences. Elizabeth Dole would love nothing more than to distract from the issues and her record for the last 5 days of the campaign. In filing this suit, we’ve made clear that these kind of despicable tactics will not be tolerated, and our campaign is moving forward with the most important task at hand: defeating Elizabeth Dole, and giving North Carolina’s families a voice in the U.S. Senate that they’ve been sorely missing.”