The News & Observer reports today that Patti Head won’t run this fall for another school board term. Eleanor Goettee and Lori Millberg will step down as well. Horace Tart hasn’t said, but I’ve heard he’s pretty doubtful. So with four seats on the nine-member Board of Education on the ballot, it’s entirely possible that all four will be open seats, given the anti-diversity side (or, as they prefer to be called, pro-community schools) in Wake County politics a fighting chance to take control of the school system.

On the other hand, of the five other members, four are solidly pro-diversity (Rosa Gill, Beverley Clark, Ann McLauren and Kevin Hill). Only Ron Margiotta, whose Southwest Wake district is in the heart of breakaway Holly Springs-Apex-South Cary territory, stands foresquare against the policy of keeping all schools balanced in terms of upscale