If you’ve ever doodled on a napkin during dinner, you might appreciate the fine works of art being displayed at Bronwyn Merritt Gallery from March 15 through April 15. Carrburritos Taqueria in Carrboro took submissions for their Napkin Art Contest through Feb. 28, and now the judges’ decisions are in. Contributors were required to use a real paper napkin, which they could paint upon, sew, fold or manipulate in any fashion. Artists were limited only by their imaginations. Local artists Jane Filer, Bronwyn Merritt, Peg Gignoux, David Summer and Gail Fairbanks have chosen the best works, and winners will be announced March 15. “We’ve seen a fantastic range, from children’s work–like a folded kite–to elaborate, enhanced works that defy description, to kimonos, collages, cartoons and architectural drawings,” says Fairbanks. “It was just what I was hoping for: a wide-ranging, imaginative group of work.” Call 932-1080 for details.