It’s safe to say that the end-of-the-year bashes at Duke and East Carolina last week didn’t require much on-campus publicity. Announcements that Kanye West would be on hand at Duke’s Quad certainly sent the kids clamoring for a little Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross, and The Roots–one of hip-hop’s must see live bands–sent Greenville into a fury by all reports. But it seems that officials at N.C. State can never get their facts, funds and funs together to throw a tantamount celebration on Raleigh’s good ol’ bricks. That’s where Jamie Procter and his self-assembled WKNC army come into play, though. Procter, the station’s general manager whose work ethic and enthusiasm is largely responsible for WKNC’s oft-publicized transformation in recent months, spent his Friday afternoon last week hunkered down just outside of the campus’ Free Expression Tunnel with his trusty beagle, Petey Pablo, passing out fliers to students for the station’s take on the curriculum-culmination celebration.

The Weather will storm the newly renovated Harris Field with their T.Rex driven classic rock, and Parklife will smooth things out for an inspired take on Queen classicism and Blur-esque pop. Look for Goner to extend that pop with a pastiche of keyboards. Greenville’s Art Lord and His Self Portraits will be on hand, as well as campus heroes Delorean.

For ‘KNC, things are finally starting–even if it’s at the finish. EndBlock

The Summer Jump Off, with The Weather, Parklife, Goner, Art Lord and His Self Portraits and Delorean, is on Saturday, April 30 from 3-8 p.m. at Harris Field on the N.C. State campus.