Barack and Cash in 08
  • Barack and Cash in ’08

The film is “Obama in NC: The Path to History” — at the Galaxy in Cary this Sunday, June 13 at 6:30. I haven’t seen it yet — my bad — but I hear good things. Cash Michaels, the filmmaker, is one of North Carolina’s best journalists. He’ll be at the Galaxy for Q & A after.

Before the Iowa caucuses in January of ’08, Obama was trailing in the polls for the Democratic nomination. I’m not sure anybody — except maybe Cash — foresaw him winning North Carolina in November en route to the presidency. But win it he did, with Cash documenting events along the way. For the Great Schools in Wake organizers, to whom the mission of safeguarding the county’s schools must look equally uphill about now, Obama ’08 is a perfect way to kick off their summer film series.

Next up, on June 22: “Blood Done Sign My Name,” the film based on Duke historian Tim Tyson’s book about a murder and the civil rights struggle in his hometown of Oxford, NC. Tyson, who is in the Great Schools corner, is likewise expected to attend.