Here’s what The Indy was writing about the week of Nov. 5:

5 years ago: Richard Morrison examined the fallout from the murder of Matthew Shepard, the subtle fire and brimstone that pervaded politicians’ handling of the subsequent hate crime bill, and the insincerity of Bill Clinton’s discussion of the legislation in general. Morrison also took aim at the self-absorption of the new wave of gays who felt strong activism was no longer necessary.

10 years ago: Barry Yeoman critiqued public radio juggernaut WUNC-FM for a lack of diversity in its programming, its tendency to remain as inoffensive as possible, and the gradual diminution of music-oriented programming.

20 years ago: Grace Nordhoff analyzed the growing gender gap in state politics. While more women are beginning to enter the political realm, the voting preferences between men and women continued to widen.