Worried that John Tedesco of Wake County school board fame (or infame, as the case may be) was out of work? Fear not — he has new a gig fronting for the North Carolina Center for Education Reform.

(Correction: The Center for Education Reform is a different animal — my mistake for linking to it when it popped up in a quick google.)

Here’s the link to the apparently brand-new N.C. Center for Education Reform.

Conservative donors, attendez-vous:

The North Carolina Center for Education Reform (NCCER) is proud to announce the selection of our new President and CEO, Mr. John Tedesco. As our efforts continue to expand our mission, Mr. Tedesco is seen as the experienced leader capable of driving our vision to success. NCCER is committed to being a catalyst to empower, innovate, and transform education on behalf of the children of North Carolina. Mr. Tedesco has been described by reporters as one who has “done his homework” and stands as a “transformative force” – we at NCCER most certainly agree and are honored to welcome him.

In North Carolina nearly 1.5 million children are served in our K-�12 educational systems. In these systems nearly 30% of our youth drop out, and nearly 50% for our minority children (some local systems and schools do much worse). Nearly two-�thirds of NC students who do graduate and go on to one of our community colleges must have extensive remediation. Our 3rd grade reading levels remain far below our desired results. NC ranks #4 in America in suspensions and our school to prison pipeline remains strong. Our children can no longer wait for the slow evolution of education in NC – they need a revolution.

John Tedesco is a proven public sector leader. Over the past 12 years he has served as a Director of Program Services for a national educational foundation, a Director of Development with major universities and regional non-profits, a City Manager, and a Chief Development Officer for Big Brothers Big Sisters. He earned his Bachelors Degree in Political Science concentrating on Public Administration at Thiel College in Greenville, PA. Mr. Tedesco has served on numerous volunteer boards impacting positive community change and scholarship. In 2008, Mr. Tedesco was named a Goodmon Fellow by Leadership Triangle.

John Tedesco is a passionate advocate for educational reform. During his tenure with Big Brothers Big Sisters he helped expand School-�Based Mentoring programs and is credited with establishing state partnerships to launch the North Carolina Mentoring Children of Prisoners Initiative. In 2009, Mr. Tedesco was elected to the Wake County Board of Education leading the largest school system in North Carolina and the 18th largest in America with 144,000 students, 163 schools, 18,000 employees and a $1.5 billion budget. He has been a direct force for student achievement personally pushing advanced rigor, new data systems, increased participation in advanced mathematics for all students, expansion of themed academies for STEM and Global Studies, and the creation of both the Economically Disadvantaged Student Performance Task Force and four Renaissance Schools.

Again, we proudly welcome Mr. John Tedesco to lead our efforts at NCCER as a non-partisan not-�for-�profit organization committed to producing measurable results for all students in North Carolina. His expertise and passion in education, non-profit management and development will serve as a spark to create a powerful transformation of education in North Carolina. Additional inquiries may call 919-822-2170 or email dmills@educatenc.org to reach Ms. Debra Mills, Board Secretary and Office Administrator.