From Q-Notes:

‘I’m not particularly keen on being called the ‘gay candidate,’” Lee Sartain, a 2009 city council candidate in Raleigh, told Q-Notes.

In today’s time, Sartain said, gay and lesbian people actually have a chance to run for office and make a difference on a range of issues other than those pertaining to the LGBT community.

‘One of the things that strikes me in 2009, is that if you look back over history and you look back to Harvey Milk that was 30 years ago and he was the gay candidate,” Sartain said. ‘In 2009, you are not the gay candidate. You are just a candidate. I don’t necessarily think it is helpful for the community to run as the gay candidate. If you are, you might not even get my vote.”

Sartain is running for one of the two at-large City Council seats. If you signed up to follow him on Twitter, as I advised, you’ve been tweeted to this story already.