Dole’s polls must show her in deep trouble, because her new ad — which ends with Hagan’s picture over someone else’s voice saying “there is no god” — is pretty desperate. A “Hail Mary,” that is, that sure isn’t full of grace. The Greensboro News & Record is on the story.

For the complete blow-by-blow, this DailyKos diary by a Hagan partisan has the offending ad itself and Hagan’s letter to the Dole campaign threating to go to court if Dole doesn’t pull it down.

(Update: News & Record has audio of Hagan’s press conference: “fabricated … pathetic” to attack her faith; she quotes the Bible and brings on her minister: “Kay has been faithful.” Hagan: “I certainly don’t support anything” the Godless PAC stands for … I don’t ask what church my supporters attend.)