I’ve been thinking about prioritization. And privatization. Funny how similar some of the letters and syllables are. Funny how one is not about the other.

Prioritizing privatization of Social Security is not about governing by order of life’s needs. Food, clothing, shelter, health. The basic requirements must first be met.

But Social Security is an impending crisis they say? Every crisis response also has an order of priority.

Who is in immediate danger? Who is most injured? Disaster response procedure starts by ensuring safety (shelter) for the most people involved, and medical response (health care) for those who are most suffering.

Responders and victims don’t spend too much time worrying about their retirement distributions.

Likewise, people who cannot find affordable housing and affordable health care can probably not think too much about affording old age and the accompanying home and health issues?

And, how can government (leadership) not first work to resolve some of the immediate social ills of its people.

Housing costs are an issue for way too many people. Health care costs are a national crisis that affects Americans from all walks of life, and devastates those who don’t have, or barely have the other basic needs met.

So, I’m just not sure what type of prioritization the Bush administration is using to put the Social Security system overhaul at the top of its to-do list.

Their actions make me think about the airline safety procedures for passengers.

Place the mask over your face first. Then place the mask over the child’s face. (In the movies, the next step is to cover or close one’s eyes, and breathe deep or pray because the mask is likely to be of minimal help for one’s chances of survival.)