You’ve heard about the Rhine Center–it got started at Duke long ago for the purpose of studying parapsychology, ghosts and other creepy phenomena. Now they’re an independent nonprofit, but they continue their work with psychics and the unexplained, and host public events to help demystify (or re-mystify for those skeptics out there) what they study. On Wednesday, Dale E. Graff will host a lecture on his tenure running the government’s psychic spy program that Graff himself named Star Gate. Star Gate was believed to bring together psychics from around the country to locate kidnapped diplomats and nuclear missle sites, and solve other problems of the state department; Graff will give his audience the true story on Star Gate, including information on, and his training in “remote viewing”–a technique where one person can experience what another is experiencing down the street, a contintent away, or even in the past. Graff will show slides and discuss Star Gate’s coverage on Ted Koppel’s Nightline when the CIA program was revealed to the public in 1995. The suggested donation for the event is $10, but it’s tax deductible. We predict that you’ll be there at 7 p.m. And our energy field tells us the Rhine Research Center is located at 2741 Campus Walk Ave., in Durham. If your psychic powers are too weak to direct you there, call 688-8241 for more information.