The Beaches of Agnes

Griffith Film Theater, Duke CampusThe world can be a tough place for filmmakers over the age of about 35, but the great French filmmaker and nouvelle vague survivor Agnes Varda seems to be hitting her stride. The Beaches of Agnes, released last year, is her meditation on her life and career, her marriage to the filmmaker Jacques Demy and her approaching 80th birthday. Although Varda is famed for such works as Chloe from 5 to 7, Vagabond and The Gleaners and I, reviewers who saw The Beaches of Agnes had reactions similar to Roger Ebert’s: “If you have never seen a single film by Agnes Varda, perhaps it is best to start with The Beaches of Agnes.” Free, at 8 p.m. Visit fvd.aas.duke.edu/screensociety. David Fellerath