Chapel Hill
Blues Control, Jamie Stewart

NightlightDon’t judge Blues Control by a name: Rather than running through some scales, getting in them licks and doing the white-man grunts at the turnarounds, this Queens duo smears any sort of sound it can get its hands on. Whether that means bending hard-edge, blues-based stoner guitar tones (“Good Morning,” from this year’s excellent Local Flavor) until they collapse or airy, tottering beats until they tumble and fold into a hum (“Tangier,” from the same LP), Blues Control uses identifiable sounds as carrotsbait used to tempt the listener into an unfamiliar network of rabbit holes. Go ahead: Follow ’em on down. With Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart and Randy Pelosi and Ethan Clauset. The $6 show starts at 9:30 pm. See Grayson Currin