Duke CoffeehouseOn its first full-length, 2006’s Anti-Anti, Snowden, Atlanta’s dark knights of moody post-punk, earned comparisons to Arcade Fire and Interpol for a dense mix of guitar judder and reverby storm. Two years later, Snowden’s relaxed a bit, and the circular buzz offers hints of the glammed-out glisten of ’80s era dance-pop: bright and catchy, balanced with a hint of surly discontent. Shake your hips and grimace for $6 at 9 p.m. Kathy Justice

Spotted Dog Benefit with Velvet, SNMNMNM, Roxcetera
Cat’s CradleLocated at the fork in the road at Main and Weaver streets in Carrboro, Spotted Dog serves up hearty, healthyoften vegetarianfood. The restaurant celebrates its 10-year anniversary tonight with a benefit concert for the Animal Protection Society of Orange County and Girls Rock NC. The APS offers pet adoption, training and veterinary care. Girls Rock NC instills confidence and creativity in girls through their series of rock camps. And speaking of rock camps: The hip, upbeat pop trio Velvet headlines. Dueling male-female vocals, lyrical guitar playing and loping drums create whimsical but accomplished tunes. SNMNMNM, always a harbinger of good times to come, opens. The four piece shoots off strong melodies with idiosyncratic lyrics, in glorious They Might Be Giants meets Apples in Stereo rocking eccentricity. Roxcetera, all-female and all-metal, also takes the stage. More info at www.paws4ever.org and www.girlsrocknc.org. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the music begins at 7 p.m. Pay $7-$10. Andrew Ritchey