Chapel Hill
Triangle Soundpainting Orchestra Open Rehearsal

NightlightSince returning to North Carolina in 2004 after an extended stay in Chicago, Shannon Morrowa drummer, bandleader and, above all, an advocate for artistic edge and experimentspushes the boundaries of music in the Triangle. Her anarchist marching band, The Scene of the Crime Rovers, upsets and delights city streets with wayward jazz charts and outfit effrontery, while her Triangle Soundpainting Orchestra adds a new perspective of systematic aleatoric composition to local bandstands. The orchestra, now with a strings-winds-drums-and-more membership of more than a dozen players, responds to the instructions of Morrow’s hands, which speak a language of 800 or so musical gestures developed by New York composer Walter Thompson over the last quarter century. For the next four weeks, the big, weird band opens its Monday rehearsals to interested listeners. Each of these free sessions will focus on a topic, and audience members will be asked to observe, interact and occasionally take charge of the ensemble. The signing starts at 8 p.m. See Grayson Currin

PLEASE NOTE: The first show has been moved to Monday, Feb. 8, due to weather.