Hacienda, Floating Action, Generationals, Jason Kutchma

Broad Street CafeHacienda is a full-on family affair, with three brothers and a cousin comprising the quartet of longtime Austin, Texas, musicians. You might as well consider the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach an honorary relative, too: The Akron, Ohio, bluesman lent a hand as producer of Loud is the Night, Hacienda’s debut, and took them on the road as four-fifths of the backing band for a recent solo tour. That record’s sunny, soulful sound couldn’t be further from the Keys, though. Here, ’60s pop influences shine through the summery bounces and jangles, laden with doo-wop harmonies that’d do The Beach Boys proud.

Asheville’s Floating Actionthe brainchild of singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Seth Kauffmanshares Hacienda’s throwback affection, though it packs a junky, smoked-out garage of retro-fashioned pop with trinkets from both Jamaica and Motown. Their Park The Van labelmates Generationals sit somewhere in the middle, stuffing classic pop affection with big, glossy beats and elastic bass lines. The punk-fueled acoustic anthems of Red Collar’s Jason Kutchma will be a bit out of line for this crew, adding some caustic words to curb the cheer. Kutchma gets the lengthy billwell worth the $7 covergoing at 7:30 p.m. See www.thebroadstreetcafe.com. Spencer Griffith

Chapel Hill
Leslie & the Ly’s

Local 506If you indeed doubt the somewhat dubious claim that the Internet can make stars of any of us, consider Leslie Hall, a generously curvy, thick-rimmed Midwestern woman with a love of bejeweled sweaters, skin-stretched lamé body suits and elemental hip-hop. Her cheap, local music videos about small-town club life and the sex appeal of gem-studded garments pushed her simple beats way out of Iowa, earning her several million online views and a VH1 segment. “Stomp once to hear Britney/ And twice for Beyoncé,” she raps on “How We Go Out,” seductively swiping her hands down her sides. “And three times if you want to hear me get nasty.” Do what she says, yo: The Internet goes real-time tonight. Pay $9–$11 for the 9:30 p.m. all-ages show. Christopher the Conqured opens. See www.local506.com. Grayson Currin