Chapel Hill
Title Tracks, Pretty & Nice

Local 506This bill is a little like a before-and-after shot. Pretty & Nice’s jagged, percussive bounce and quirky melodies recall Q And Not U, which happens to be the former band of Title Tracks leader John Davis. Though more Devo and less D.C. post-punk, Pretty & Nice inhabit the same herky-jerky neighborhood, wherein property values have been rising since disco-punk. Their tightly wound eccentricity doesn’t skimp on hooks, but it makes more left turns than Dennis Kucinich leading Wire. In the aftermath of QANU’s breakup, Davis started Georgie James with Laura Burhenn. After that band’s demise, Davis began exploring a similar pop sensibility with Title Tracks. The Zombies and hooky ’60s rock inspired both, but where James favored more dulcet tones, Title Tracks boasts a propulsive power-pop pulse. Most tracks on their infectious debut, It Was Easy, last little longer than three minutes, but they feel like little blasts of sunshine. The $8 show starts at 9:30 p.m. See Chris Parker