Chapel Hill
The Dry Heathens, River City Ransom, Dark Knights of Camelot
ReservoirA Dry Heathens song goes down like a cold PBR: It’s kind of bitter, leaves a lingering cold burn and usually gets gone pretty fast. But damn if we don’t keep going back for more. And here are Durham’s Heathens, bringing stomping ‘n’ snarling Southern punk to the home of the “cheapest beer and liquor in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.” Consider this ample opportunity to kick off the work week by kicking the asses of a handful of brain cells. Raleigh’s River City Ransom (so new we thought they were a band from Oklahoma as late as last week) and Mississippi trio Dark Knights of Camelot share the bill. The free show starts about 10 p.m. The bar, though, opens at 4 p.m. Bryan Reed