Vienna Teng Trio
Lincoln TheatreVienna Teng graduated from Stanford University with a computer science degree and subsequently took a job with Cisco Systems. She soon cashed in her security for a career in music. Teng takes another huge step forward with her fourth album, Inland Territory, which broadens her piano-driven ballads with richer instrumentation and more uptempo, adventurous arrangements. While possessed of a pretty, fluttering voice, her prior albums were mired by standard adult-contemporary accessories that overshadowed her lyrical skills. Adding Jump Little Children’s Alex Wong and Ward Williams greatly enhances the musical dynamism, abetting Teng’s dramatic ken with nuance. The drums in particular are terrific, adding welcome accents to the music. It’s the difference between black and white and color, as Teng moves from a circumscribed palette to a more vibrant canvas. The show benefits Raleigh’s Junior League. Pay $15-$25 at 8:30 p.m. Chris Parker