The Wake County school board meets Tuesday at 3 pm, when it’s expected to take final action on the removal of diversity as an important criterion — or even an unimportant one — in school assignment policies. The NAACP, among other groups, is warning that the inevitable outcome of this is re-segregation of the public schools in Wake. On the eve of this action, and on the 56th anniversary of the decision in Brown v. Board of Education that struck down “separate but equal” schools as inherently unequal, the state NAACP is calling folks together in Raleigh:

On the 56th Anniversary of Brown v Board of Education — this Monday, May 17 — state leaders will host a mass meeting at the Martin Street Baptist Church, 1001 East Martin Street in Raleigh, NC beginning at 7 p.m. The NC NAACP will hold this public mass meeting along with civil rights, social justice and legal advocates.

The public will receive the historical, legal, political, educational, economic and moral rationale for fighting against efforts to resegregate our schools in ways that foster racially identifiable high-poverty schools including what our strategy should be going forward.

Here’s a preview of the program, from NC Policy Watch.