Mike Gordon

Lincoln TheatreYou might know him as the “Do-you-have-tickets-to-the-big-gun-show?” shirt-wearing, head-bobbing bassist of Phish, but Mike Gordon has his own jams, too. Fresh off the close of the traveling vegan burrito circus that was this summer’s Phish reunion tour, Gordon’s latest endeavor is the result of two months of “working alone, all day, every weekday, playing all the parts” for The Green Sparrow. Phish fans will find the tunes a bit subdued but perhaps soothing. Non-Phish fans won’t find the songs at all. To fly with the Sparrow (not even a metaphor), visit Gordon’s Web site (www.mike-gordon.com), where a magical headphone-wearing owl will guide you on a melodic, querying underground adventure. Hopefully, that’s the metaphor. Rubblebucket Orchestra opens at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20-$23. For a more navigable source of information about the show, see www.lincolntheatre.com.Joe Schwartz